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About Algeria

Area: 2,381,740 sq km
Population: 36. million
Capital City: Algiers
People: Arab-Berber (99%), European less than 1%
Languages: Arabic (official), French, Amazigh (national but not official language)
Religion(s): Sunni Muslim (99%), Christian and Jewish (1%)
Currency: 1 Algerian dinar (DA) = 100 centimes
Major political parties: Front de Liberation Nationale (FLN), Rassemblement Nationale Democratique (RND), Front des Forces Socialistes (FFS), Rassemblement pour la Culture et la Democratie (RCD), Mouvement de la Societe pour la Paix (MSP), Mouvement de la Réforme Nationale (el-Islah) (MRN) and Parti des Travailleurs (PT).
Government: Republic/Presidential
Head of State: President Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Famous Mosques in Algeria

This is a list of mosques, or more specifically, world famous mosques in Algeria. I've included lots of photographs. Mosques are the house of worship for Muslims, the followers of Islam. Mosques began on the Arabian peninsula,
Since this list of mosques is of the most famous mosques in the world in Algeria. So enjoy all the pictures of famous

Great Mosque of Algiers
Name: Great Mosque of Algiers
City: Marine in Algeria's capital city
Year: 1106-1142

Great Mosque of AlgiersThe Great Mosque of Algiers is square in shape with a row of white marble columns joined by arches along the side facing the street. The interior of the mosque is a series of hallways, passages and rooms, with the common theme of pillars and archways throughout the building. Intricate mosaics adorn the floors and walls. The main building looks onto a courtyard, across from the galleries and prayer hall. The prayer hall is divided into 11 naves, each covered by a double sloping roof. The original mihrab – an arched niche indicating the direction of Mecca – was destroyed during a conflict in 1682 and the replacement mihrab has as its only decoration, two small spiral columns flanking it.

Islam is the dominant religion in Algeria and the many mosques found throughout the country bear testimony to the importance of religion in the everyday lives of Algerians. When exploring the vibrant city of Algiers, you may want to add a visit to the Great Mosque of Algiers to your itinerary.

Ketchaoua Mosque in Algiers
Name: Ketchaoua Mosque
City: Algeria
Year: 1612

Ketchaoua Mosque in AgeriaThe Ketchaoua Mosque has always been a religious site, but has changed faces a few times over the years. In 1612, the Ketchaoua Mosque was constructed and flourished as a mosque until 1845. After being known as the Cathedral of St Philippe for a number of years, the building was again converted into a mosque in 1962. Fortunately, the structure and breathtaking architecture has remained in tact, and can still be marveled at today. The Ketchaoua Mosque has become one of the best known attractions in the city of Algiers.

Visitors to Algiers will find the Ketchaoua Mosque at the end of the Casbah and it is a building that is not easily missed. The first feature that immediately strikes visitors with fascination is the twenty three step flight of stairs that lead to the mosque entrance. Though seemingly intimidating, the breathtaking portico that is decorated in magnificent designs and its black marble columns are unmistakable and stunning features. What makes the Ketchaoua Mosque extremely intriguing is the combination of Moorish and Byzantine architectural styles. The interior of the mosque is filled with stunning arcades, white marble columns, beautiful chambers, minarets and ceilings that display unique Moorish plaster work.

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