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Famous Mosques (Masjid) in Bangladesh

Star Mosque in Bangladesh
Name: Star Mosque
City: Dhaka
Year: First half of the 19th century

Star Mosque in BangladeshStar Mosque, generaly known as Tara Masjid is a mosque situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The mosque has ornate designs and is decorated with motifs of blue stars. It was built by one Mirza Golam Pir (Mirza Ahmed Jan) in the first half of the 19th century.

Mosque was originally a simple rectangular mosque with three door ways on the east façade and one on the north wall and another on the south wall. There three domes crowned over the mosque, the central partt being the larger. The towers accented the corners and the façades displayed plastered panel with well decoration.

Well decorated mosque with imported from Japanese and English china clay tiles and utilized both methods of the Chinitikri application. The solid color, cut clay tiles and form patterns through the placement of these colored tiles in white shinning plaster. The domes and the exterior surface are covered with beautiful different colored star shaped china clay tiles.

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Sixty Dome Mosque in Bangladesh
Name: Sixty Dome Mosque
City: Bagerhat
Year: 15th Century

Sixty Dome Mosque In BangladeshThe Sixty Dome Mosque (Bengali: Sha Gombuj Masjid) known as Shait Gambuj Mosque or Saith Gunbad Masjid. Itis the largest historical mosque in Bangladesh and one of the most impressive Muslim architectural structures on the Indian Subcontinent.

The Sixty Dome Mosque has walls of unusually thick, with bricks in the Tughlaq style and a unique-shaped roofline that anticipates later styles.

There are seventy seven low domes arranged in seven rows of eleven, and one dome situated on each corner, there is total 81 domes. The interior is divided into many aisles and bays by slender columns, which culminate in numerous arches that support the roof.

List of Mosques in Bangladesh
Name City Name City
Baitul Mukarram:
Bagha Mosque:
Saat Masjid Road:
Sixty Dome Mosque:
Nakhalpara Sapra Mosque:
Momin Mosque
Located in Dhaka
Located in Bagha
Located in Dhaka
Located in Bagerhat
Located in Dhaka
Akon-bari, in the village of Burirchar
Baitul Falah:
Star Mosque:
Katabon Mosque:
Shona Mosque:
Wali Khan Mosque :
Shah Jalal Mosque:
Located in Chittagong
Located in Dhaka
Located in Shahbag, Dhaka
Located in Chapai Nawabganj
Located in Chapai Nawabganj
Sylhet, Bangladesh:

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