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Famous Mosques in Indonesia
List of Mosques in Indonesia
Name City Name City
Grand Mosque of Makassar
Grand Mosque of Bandung
Great Mosque of Central Java:
Grand mosque of West Sumatra:
Mosque of Samarinda Islamic Center:
Great Mosque of Sawahlunto

Makassar, South Sulawesi
Bandung, West Java
Semarang, Central Java
Located in Medina
Samarinda, East Kalimantan
Sawahlunto, West Sumatra
Baiturrahman Grand Mosque:
Azizi Mosque:
Grand Mosque of Riau Sultan:
Ganting Grand Mosque:
Great Mosque of Surabaya:
Medan Grand Mosque:
Banda Aceh
North Sumatra
Riau Island
West Sumatra
Surabaya, East Java
Medan, North Sumatra
Agung Mosque of Semarang
City: Sambirejo, Gayamsari, Semarang

Great Mosque of SemarangAgung Mosque of Semarang "Indonesian Masjid Agung Semarang "which is located in Sambirejo, Gayamsari, Semarang, Central Java province, Indonesia. This mosque was built in 2001 to 2006. The mosque complex covers 10 hectares (25 acres). There are three central buildings made in the U shape, with the domed mosque at the centre; all buildings have pitched, tiled roofs, and the central mosque has four minarets. The central roofs is believed to mimic the roof of "joglo", the traditional Javanese house, symbolizing the rising steps toward heaven or to gain God's blessing. The long buildings forming the arms of the U house a library and auditorium respectively

The Great Mosque was inaugurated by Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on November 14, 2006. Inauguration ceremony was marked by the signing of the stone inscriptions as high as 3.2 m and weighing 7.8 tons, located in front of the mosque.

The Great Mosque of Central Java is also an integrated tourism, religion, education center and activity of Islamic symbols. By visiting this mosque, Tthe unique architecture of the mosque which is a blend of Javanese architecture, Roman and Arabic. Java architecture seen in some parts, such as the mosque at the bottom of the pole using batik motifs like tumpal, untu Walang, kawung, and machete-parangan.

Architectural feature of the Middle East (Arabic) terliat on the wall of the mosque. Mosque walls decorated with calligraphy. Moreover, in Central Java Grand Mosque.Tthere are 6 hydraulic giant umbrella that can open and close automatically, which is the adoption of the architecture building contained the Prophet's Mosque in Medina. The mosque is also less influenced by the style of Roman architecture. The style was apparent in beutiful interior design and the color layer attached to the corners of the building.

Mosque Gallery in Indonesia

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in Indonesia
City: Banda Aceh

Baiturrahman Grand Mosque in IndonesiaBaiturrahman Grand Mosque is a large mosque located in the centre of the city of Banda Aceh in Indonesia. It is of great symbolic significance to the Acehnese people as a symbol of Acehnese religion and culture.lly since.

Characterized by a 35-meter tower, 7 grand domes and 7 minarets, the Baiturrahman is probably the prototype for many mosques in Indonesia and Malaysian peninsula; supersede the layered roofed-style mosque.

The mosque was designed by an famous Italian architect and it wase built by the Dutch colonial administration as a token of reconciliation following their destruction of an older mosque during the Aceh wars. Construction of the mosque commenced in 1879 and was completed in 1881.

The design of the mosque combines colonial and Moghul Indian influences. Its design is not dissimilar to the Mesjid Raya Tuban in East Java. The mosque combines few traditionally Acehenese features though it has come to represent the city of Banda Aceh and the cultural uniqueness of the Acehenese.

Mosque Gallery in Indonesia

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