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Famous Mosque in Turkey
list of mosques in cities of Turkey. Most famous mosques in Turkey, So please enjoy all the pictures of famous mosque with high resolutions and full view gallery

Ortaköy Mosque in Turkey
Name: Ortaköy Mosque
City: Istanbul
Year: 1856

Ortaköy Mosque in TurkeyOrtaköy Mosque was built in the 18th century. Ortaköy, once literally "the village in the middle" (orta) the European Bosphorus shore, is now among Istanbul's coolest, chic-est, most artsy neighborhoods, with trendy boutiques, atmospheric cafes and bistrots, and crowds of young, sophisticated residents and visitors.

Wide and high windows let the ever-changing beautifull light reflections of the Bosphorus shine in the mosque.

Within the mosque hang several examples of Islamic calligraphy executed by the Sultan Abdülmecid himself, who was also a master calligrapher.

Coffeehouses and tea terraces overlooking the water fill the seaside next to the mosque now as they have for decades—perhaps centuries—and are one of Ortaköy's prime attractions.

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Sabanci Merkez Camii Mosque
Name: Sabanci Mosque
City: Adana
Year: 1998

Mosque Gallery TurkeySabanci Merkez Camii in Adana is the famous mosque in Turkey.
Sabanci Merkez Camii or Sabanci Central Mosque is not particularly historical, but it is the most visited mosque in Adana and is one of the largest mosques in the Middle East.

The exterior of the mosque is similar to the Blue mosque in Istanbul while the interior decoration is similar to the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne. Sabanci Central Mosque opened services in 1998, is built on a total of 52,600 square meter of land and has a closed area of 6,600 square meters.

Sabanci Central Mosque was built both by Turkish Religious Foundation and Sabanci Foundation. The proprietorship of the mosque belongs to Adana Religious Affairs Foundation and its usage rights have been transferred to Adana Provincial Office of Mufti.

The painting and tile patterns decorations for the mosque are those of Architect Nakkas M. Semih Irtes. The niche, platform, entrance and doors are made of marble. The wooden doors are made up of kundekari style by Ahmet Yilcay, the stained glass work was done by Abdulkadir Aydin, and the muqarnas works were done by Ali Turan.

The minarets was built as armoured concrete which was produced by mixing white cement and crushed stone with ivory color. There is a central radio system built in the minaret by Aselsan by which sermons are made available to 275 mosques located within an area of 60 kilometers diameter from the mosque by a central broadcast system. On the west side of the Mosque, there is a digital library in a separate annex which is open to researchers and the general public.

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